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James Attwood
Atlanta, GA
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Case review, analysis & presentation proposal by AMI-certified medical illustrators and experienced trial consultants – FREE to our clients!

Med Art & Legal Graphics Company combines a unique blend of analytical skills sharpened by more than 20 years in the courtroom with cutting-edge creative talent and technical expertise to deliver visual presentation products and services unmatched in the legal industry. MA&LG offers a complete continuum of litigation resources, from discovery to settlement, mediation or trial. 

We have earned the reputation as “The Bright Ideas Company” for our ability to comprehend and streamline critical case information, develop persuasive presentation strategies and provide a proposal to fit your budget. In our proposals, we recommend specific types of exhibits, presentations and courtroom services to ensure that you present your cases effectively, in the most compelling manner.

The Bright Ideas CompanyLitigation Support Services:

- Digitize & sync video depositions

- Create clips from video depositions

- Scan, highlight and/or magnify documents

- Organize your entire case for Trial Director, Sanction or Interactive PowerPoint

- Create opening & closing statement presentations

- Comprehensive software/hardware training & support:

      Trial Director



Trial Services: We Go to Court with You!
MA&LG professional trial consultants have been going to court with our clients for more than 11 years, with extensive experience presenting cases to judges, jurors and mediators. We know first hand what works and what doesn’t. Our consultants provide flawless visual presentation services for mediation or trial so you can focus on what you do best - obtaining a favorable settlement or winning verdict! 
Our dedicated trial presentation consultants manage each case from initial contact to the execution of services. Your trial consultant knows the facts of your case, including the opposition’s theories, and will develop strategies to counter their arguments effectively. The consultant will also work closely with our artists in creating your exhibits, animations or presentation graphics and will be involved in other aspects of litigation support, including document scanning, video deposition syncing and clip creation, as well as preparing opening and closing statement presentations.
Our Proven Track Record: Over 95% of the cases we consult on obtain favorable settlements or winning verdicts! MA&LG has never had exhibits, animations or presentations fail to be admitted into evidence, nor have we ever missed a deadline or exceed quoted costs on an approved proposal. Each year, we consult on roughly 250 cases nationwide.
Please visit our Galleries section to examples of our trial exhibits, medical & technical exhibits, timelines and a wide variety of digital media including: interactive multimedia presentations; DVD videos, DVD animation, fetal monitor strips, and interactive timelines. The Galleries are a great resource for low cost stock exhibits/animations or creative ideas for all types of litigation!


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