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D. James Jordan
Macon, GA
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3D Volume Rendering of MRI's & CT Scans!! Dateline: 1/17/2011
Med Art has extensive experience in creating 3D images and movies from your client's MRI & CT scan films. Our radiology software is FDA approved for diagnostic purposes and all images can be admitted to evidence. This is a perfect way to show your client's injuries or disease processes. For personal injury cases we can show in 3D movies and still images: broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, organ injuries, foreign objects, etc. For medical malpractice cases we can show in 3D disease processes such as: tumor growth, aortic aneurysm, movies of flying through the colon to see the misdiagnosed cancer or DVT clots in the lungs and much more. Please contact Shelley Watts at 770-891-5433 or email: for more information or pricing on this service.
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