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James Attwood
Atlanta, GA
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Largest Med Mal Verdict Chatham County GA Dateline: 3/1/2018

 In March of 2018, Owen Murphy, trial lawyer and Jeff Harris partner of Harris Lowry Manton LLP secured a record-setting multi-millions Chatham County, GA jury on behalf of their client, Joan Simmons, who was tragically and catastrophically injured as a result of medical malpractice.

After hearing the facts presented by the legal team during the seven-day trial, the Chatham County jury returned the largest medical malpractice verdict – and the largest personal injury verdict – in the county’s history. The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff, finding that Southcoast Medical Group and its physician were liable for failure to diagnose and treat a spinal abscess. The jury apportioned 90 percent of the fault to SouthCoast Medical Group and Dr. Sarah Barbour, an infectious disease specialist.

Med Art & Legal Graphics designed and created all of the medical illustrations, trial graphics and presentation for this trial.

Owen Murphy's testimonial:

and I have worked together on three major medical malpractice trials.  Her
work was instrumental in our efforts to educate the juries about complex
medical liability and causation issues.  Her experience allows her not
only to create fantastic, precise demonstrative exhibits but to also offer
valuable strategic insight.  As such, we consider her as an integral part
of the trial team.  Our last collaboration with Shelley resulted in the
largest verdict on record in Chatham County, Georgia.”

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