Shelley did a spectacular job of using x-rays to illustrate the fractures and arthritis my client sustained in his left ... more ... >>
James Attwood
Atlanta, GA
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medical animation medical illustration exhibits trial presentation stock generic MA&LG's Gallery is an excellent resource for both trial attorneys and paralegals being chock full of ideas for your cases and also proudly displays the professional quality and accuracy of our work. Gallery 1 - Medical Litigation features case specific exhibits, medical illustrations, animations and multimedia presentations created by our AMI certified medical illustrators/animators. Stock exhibits and animations are available for online purchase "as is" or can be inexpensively modified to be case specific. (Digital Formats: JPEG & PDF for 8.5" x 11" print= $115.00 or 42" x 60" Color Print PDF =$225.00  with a major credit card using PayPal. DVD Animations can viewed online and purchased by contacting us directly).
Gallery 2 - Commercial Litigation features case specific exhibits, diagrams, animations and multimedia presentations.
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a Medical Litigation NECK
a Medical Litigation ARM
a Medical Litigation CHEST
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a Medical Litigation LEG
a Medical Litigation COMPOSITE BODY
a Medical Litigation PREGNANCY & DELIVERY
a Medical Litigation CHARTS & DIAGRAMS
a Medical Litigation ANIMATIONS
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